Chinese Wind & Solar Grid Integration Conference 2014

Title:  Sino-German Workshop on Wind Power Grid Integration (20 presentations)

Title: Sino-German Workshop on Wind Power Grid Integration (20 presentations)

1. General Introduction


1-1-Mr.Andreas Dubois-BMU Grid Integration Workshop.pdf

1-2-Dr.Stamer-Overview on the European Energy Supply System.pdf

1-3-Mr.Wang Zhongying-Chinese Renewable Energy Policies and Development Prospects.pdf

1-4-Mr.Kai Schlegelmilch-Instruments for the Promotion of Wind Energy and its Grid Integration in Europe.pdf

1-5-Prof.Dai Huizhu-Wind Power Industry Status and Preferential Policies in China.pdf

 2. Network Connection of Wind Turbines and Corresponding Technical Guidelines


2-3-Dr.Hans Roman-Practical Experiences of a Distribution Network Operator.pdf
 3. Wind Energy Utilization Reserve Capacity


3-1-Mr.Liu Chun-CEPRI Wind Power Prediction System.pdf

3-2-Mr.Thomas Klose-New Developments in Wind Energy Forecasting.pdf

3-3-Dr.Simon Krahl-Provision of Control Reserve for Wind Turbines.pdf

3-4-Dr.Hendrik Vennegeerts-Alternative Approaches for Covering and Reduction of Reserve Energy Demand.pdf

3-5-Dr.Tobias Mirbach-Economic Evaluation of the Impact of Integrating Wind Turbines in the Generation System.pdf
 4. Wind Turbine Technology and Grid Integration


4-1-CLYPG-Design Concepts Voltage Regulator of Wind Farm+Operation.pdf

 4-2-Prof.Tang Guoqing-Analysis on the Impact of Coastal Wind Power Connecting to the Grid in Jiangsu Province.pdf

4-3-Mr.Bud Kehrli-Addressing Global Wind Farm Interconnection Requirements.pdf

4-5-Mr.Qin Shiyao- Wind Turbines Testing Technology.pdf


Energy in China


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Energy International


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Wind Power in China


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Wind Power International

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Other Document's


Title:    Chi Yongning_Grid Requirements to Large Scale Wind Power and Grid Code in China_电力系统对大规模风电并网要求及并网导则

Author:   中国电力科学研究院新能源研究所(Renewable Energy Research Department of CEPRI)       迟永宁(Chi Yongning)

Date:      September  2010


Title:    Development of a European Grid Code based  on experience from German and European Wind Integration Studies

Author:   WERT – Wind Power Grid Integration Workshop  Claus Neumann (Germany)

Date:      June 24, 2010


Title:    European Wind Integration Study (EWIS) Towards a Successful Integration of Wind Power into European Electricity Grids

Author:   Claus Neumann (德国)

Date:      June 24, 2010


Title:    德国风电并网标准(Regulation of Grid Integration in Germany)

Author:   Claus Neumann (德国)

Date:      June, 2010


Title:    并网导则要求(Grid code requirements)/测试设备(Test Equipment)

Author:   Jan Christoph Kahlen

Date:      June 25, 2010

Title:      基于高温超导技术的大功率风力发电机技术/10MW Class HTS Wind Turbine

Author:   美国超导公司中国区  所旭

Date:      June 25, 2010